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Fitaire Knee Copper Compression Sleeve

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  • KEEP YOUR KNEE JOINTS STRONG - Defend your knee joints from injury during weight lifting, tennis, golf and provide your joints the required support during injury. Fitaire Compression Knee Sleeves prove to be an effective way to take care of your elbow joints.
  • RIGHT COMPRESSION AND QUICK RECOVERY - The warmth provided by the material and the right amount of compression improves the blood circulation and thus provides an environment conducive for faster recovery from pain and fatigue. 
  • NON-SLIP WITH FREE MOVEMENT - The sleeves have non-slip cuffs, unlike traditional tennis knee sleeves, which prevent the sleeves from slipping off your knee during any movement, thus maintaining the functional effectiveness without causing annoyance. Though the sleeves apply compression, they do not in any way restrict your motion and allow a full range of free movements at your knee joint. So, you can be sure that your performance is only going to get better.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Fitaire knee sleeves are made up of 88% copper infused nylon material and 12% spandex, a blend that makes the fabric feel comfortable and soft, and imparts it high moisture wicking character - thus keeping your knees always dry in a positive way. The higher copper content also makes it an odour resistant material which performs far better than ordinary fabrics.

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